Stylin’ in pink sun shades

Michael Ferguson, captain of the Cheney High wrestling team & controversial figure as far as the school’s yearbook goes, poses with Ryan Brodwater’s 3-year-old son, Harper, at Bethany Presbyterian Church on Spokane’s South Hill Sunday. Michael, who rocks pink sun shades, earned headlines for posing for an unusual senior picture in a hot tub. The yearbook counselor & administration rejected the picture. Michael’s fighting that decision. Meanwhile, tiny Harper rocks the sun shades look — & Ryan tells Huckleberries that his partner in the picture is a member of his church & a “great child.”

Make definite the display is not located near a door or exit. Have it in an area that is readily visible to employees. When generating the display, you require to include plenty of mirrors not only to encourage customers to try on the glasses, but also to give employees additional visibility in the oakley eyewear area.

In order for the mirrors to be successful, you also require to have employees who are vigilant & proactive. The best deterrent for a shoplifter is to have them feel like they are being watched. If employees greet & actively assist each customer, that will go a long way in deterring theft. Ives explains, “People will require them, & in the event you don’t have them they are going to go somewhere else. Make definite they are in a place where you have visibility or cameras. You require to make definite you have the security so you are comfortable not having them ripped off.”

Continuing their partnership with the NBA, Westbrook Frames releases the limited-edition NBA All-Star 2016 Series. All-Star East features a crystal frame with blue-mirrored lenses, while All-Star West boasts a dark grey crystal frame & gold-mirrored lenses.

In the event you have a bigger store, or require additional security there’s some additional precautions you can take. Actual live security cameras are a giant investment, but there’s plenty of real-looking dummy cameras available for around $30. You can place a few around the store & near the door to give potential shoplifters the impression they are being watched. In the event you are investing in higher-end sun shades, there is also the choice of having locked cases for more pricey pairs. In the event you require to protect the glasses, but also keep the display inviting for impulse purchases, generate a display of testers so customers can still try on different pairs, & keep the retail pairs in a locked glass case. This way your merchandise will be protected, & customers can still interact with the products naturally.

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