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Who stole nearly $ 400,000 worth of jewelry from her employer’s maid, and then when it was the gambling habit, was sentenced to 2.5 years in financing on Monday.
Mary Jane important Escalona, 48, chrome hearts clothing online will work for hesai·yixideluo Navato Camacho, 60, when she stole cash and jewellery in his Rochester drive units in 2014 from October of last year. Both were Philippine nationals.
Escalona, who faced 37 charges, pleaded guilty to 12 of theft as a servant.
A District Court said, while continuing to charge, the value of the jewelry was stolen from US $ 3,000 (US $ 4,064) to US $ 100,000 (US $ 135,460).
She stolen items, including diamond rings, gold stone rings and earrings and pawning them on the same day, and lost money in Sentosa resorts world and the Marina Bay sands Casino.
The remaining 25 charges, including theft of cash and Takashimaya shopping vouchers in the amount of about $ 19,000, has been taken into account.
She made her money over to the police on October 18, said last year that he had questions about the maid.
Escalona’s judgments dating back to October 20 last year.
She could be sentenced to as long as 7 years, and fined on each of the charges.

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