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when you buy the Canada geese because:
You pay only the brand, which is so expensive. In fact, everything would be an ideal world a better place, if canada goose pas cher are cheaper, because even the biggest of our enemies is the same bit and quality work.
Taking into account the quality of the product, you get a lot for your money. I took a look at, to be honest, you can’t find any same quality cheaper (warning, my standards are not just for the sake of “it makes me warm ‘, I will come back later).
People used to tell me about The North Face, and each time she made me feel strange. Because if you have a very expensive brand, that is. To be honest, paying nearly $ 450 100% synthetic coat (fur), made in China, it is very expensive. Learn more about synthetic VS down insulation
And then there is another factor, never taking into account criticism: promotion.
Because it needs to be, it’s hard to find a jacket cut and some Canada geese designs. I do a lot of feeling of a certain design, some make you look like a walking refrigerator.
I’ll be honest with you, I think this is, first of all, but it’s not true.

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