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So great to work with last night! We’re such big fans. Easy to see why he’s on top after meeting him and seeing him work, they wrote to Oslo-the boys under the image of Instagram itself with Pharrell, canada goose shop, where to buy canada goose jackets, while those on Twitter signed with “Today’s dreamteam”.

It is currently unclear what the three worked with canada goose shop in the studio. Manager Amanuel Kidane’s taciturn face VG;


-Here working on all fronts. where to buy canada goose jackets, They have been in the studio together, and we are working on new products all the time, writes in an email Kidane.

One of the products is the new track “Fresh Idea” that is original to the advertising campaign “A Taste Of Freedom” for the iced tea-giant Nestea. canada goose mystique parka, The campaign to be launched in all countries outside the United States 34, including Norway, during the month of May.

They have also recently recorded a song with Wiz Khalifa-buddy and business partner, California-rapper Ty Dolla sign.

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Nico & Vinz is inside a busy may-week. On Tuesday night, canada goose jacket outlet, they are present during the BMI Awards Show (BMI is an organization for songwriters and composers, canada goose mystique parka) in Los Angeles, and on the 17. may is the guys nominated for this year’s radio song for “Am I Wrong” during the Billboard Music Awards-ironically in the fierce competition with his new friend Pharrells “Happy”.

Right now, however, canada goose jacket outlet, the duo’s solo tour in the United States. It started last week and continues well into June, when Nico Vinz slipping & takes home to Norway to perform at Hamar and in winnipeg.

In the meantime, stating that Nico & Vinz are good ambassadors for the Norwegian music. In the video clip below is charging it up to the concert in Tulsa, canada goose shop, Oklahoma at the weekend, and in the background flows an unmistakable Irish artist out of the speakers, canada goose mystique parka …

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