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OVO Canada goose jacket and Hat are published in the October 24, a complex report.

Drake company cooperates with coats, designed two bomber jacket, a men’s style, removable collar and feminine style. Each design will only have 300 jackets. OVO is covered for each purchase.

CanadaGoose site in the Andes, in Toronto, Japan opening ceremony and United States position, Harvey Nichols department store in the United Kingdom and OVO shop Colette in Paris.

Two companies in the 2011 pilot jacket matched with a 24K function creates.

OVO Canada goose reconnect 2015 winter

OVO Canada goose is back to the 2015 Winter Special capsules. Collection includes two coats, a man and a woman, there is a lid. Fox bomber men’s shell is made of satin nylon lining. Chrome-plated Lily zip line with mostly black attire, and shear the wool collar. Each individually numbered, with 300 units available.

Singular WACKER pointed out that women, silk and nylon fabric and chrome zipper. Two-way adjustment tunnel hood will keep you warm in the cold season, and another double-strap detail and functional components. The jacket is limited to 300 units.

Finally, ball cap with adjustable straps satin OVO and gold embroidery, left, is limited to 150 units.

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